Air Source Heat Pumps

To ensure you get the maximum performance from your heat pump throughout its working life, you need to arrange for the system to be regularly serviced and maintained. This is important not only to comply with warranty conditions. Zetta has developed a range of service packages to support customers heating systems and give our customers affordable peace of mind. Three levels of cover are available to provide you with the absolute confidence that your heating system will be professionally maintained by our highly skilled engineers.

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Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

Exhaust air heat pumps collects energy form the exhaust air of the property. The exhaust air is extracted from the kitchen and the bathrooms and brought to the heat pump via ductwork. The exhaust air heat pumps come with an integrated hot water cylinder. As with all types of heating equipment, your exhaust air source heat pump requires routine service. This will prolong its service life, ensure maximum efficiency all year long. When working at its most efficient, your exhaust air source heat pump can provide up to 50% energy reductions compared to traditional heating systems. Not only can your heat pump lower your energy bills, it also enhances the quality of indoor air and maximises indoor comfort.


Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system (MVHR), Mechanical Extract Ventilation ( MEV ) and Demand ventilation Control Systems ( DCV ) The systems are designed to run constantly at flow rates determined by design and size of the property. The purpose of the system is to extract heat from the kitchen and bathroom, filter the air (MVHR only ) and provide new atmospheric air combined with the heat from the extracts ( MVHR only ), back into the living and sleeping areas of the property. Interior ventilation is crucial to the occupants’ health and comfort by ridding the building of pollutants, moisture, and unwanted odours from the kitchen or bathroom. When a property is ventilated , occupants have access to fresh air all year long. n MVHR system helps control the level of moisture in properties, keeping condensation and dampness at bay.

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