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Heat Pump service visits can take approximately 2 hours to complete. Depending on if a fault is discovered, the visit may take longer.

Each Zetta Heat Pump service will include the following ( indicative list only )
  1. Visual checks of the heat pump
  2. The opening of the heat pump with inspection (if necessary)
  3. Visual and operational checks of the heat pump system
  4. Visual and operational checks of the hot water cylinder
  5. Checks that the heat system controls operates properly
  6. Checks of the system’s pressure

In some service packaged , our engineers will perform checks on your radiators

We have a mixture of our own inhouse engineers as well as a network of engineers. We carefully vet and approve engineers. There is a robust selection process in place to ensure all engineers have and maintain the required technical qualifications and meet our extremely high standards for quality, customer service and care.

If we arrive and more work is required than the original job, then we may have to charge you more for the additional work to be completed. The engineer will provide you a work order quotation for your approval. The engineer will not start any work until approval and payment has been carried out for the additional work, and you can still cancel the job at this point. Please note, once we've started the job then you will no longer be able to cancel it and liable for any cost as a result.

It’s particularly important to get your heat pump serviced regularly to meet the terms of any manufacturer’s warranty you may have, which in some cases can be 7 years or more, so it’s worth ensuring that it stays valid to cover the cost of any parts or repairs. Regular servicing also keeps your heat pump or ventilation unit running as efficiently as possible, keeping the cost of your energy bill down, as well as highlighting any potential issues before they escalate into a more expensive problem. Upon servicing of your product, we will instantly send the engineers report to your portal along with your invoice and receipt to confirm the overall health of your heat pump and heating system.

This Engineers report will be vital as proof of service should an issue occur with your heat pump during the warranty period, as the warranty is only valid if serviced annually by an approved specialist service company such as Zetta.

As you have your own portal all engineers’ reports are readily available to the manufacturer should any rare issue occur. This allows the manufacturer to determine whether it is from lack of service or a genuine warranty issue. Again they will need to see proof of service history. Zetta offers peace of mind to our customers by providing specialist technical knowledge and excellent customer support.

Yes, it is very important that dust free fresh air is circulated through the house, and not contaminated air that contains dust mites which for obvious reasons. An annual service will ensure respiratory health is kept to an optimum, as well as reducing your heating bill.

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